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Attractive marquee-letters for a special touch

Marquee signs and vintage sign letters are a modern and simple way of advertising or communicating messages to customers by
The Marquee-letters are available in monochrome or in full color as well as in large letters. You can choose the perfect marquee sign for you own business environment. With marquee-letters you can promote upcoming eveents or simply state, if your business is opened or closed. Marquee lights are popular because of this flexibility and can be customized to any business needs. The marquee signs can even be used as electronic message centers and will easily attract the viewers' attention.

Marquee-letters are also known for an especially glamorous effect by
Marquee lights are reminders of the signs on Broadway and are therefore often used in movie theaters, restaurants and cafés. In cinemas the marquee-letters can display current movies and the times the films are shown while in a restaurant you can display the daily specials with marquee-letters.

Vintage sign letters are highly attractive decoration elements that add a very individual flair to your business by You can choose large letters for your marquee lights that are meaningful to you particular business or use the vintage sign letters to spell out words like "Bar" or "Café". Even in home decorating marquee-letters are popular items. Marquee lights bring a very individual touch to any room decoration and often large letters are selected to adorn a wall in the living room or the family room.

Marquee-letters and vintage sign letters are available in led technology that offers several advantages over traditional marquee signs by
Led marquee lights provide a lower energy cost which allows you to use your marquee-letters constantly without building up a huge electricity bill. Led marquee lights are also built to last many hours and almost no maintenance is required. This new technology for marquee lights transfers electricity completely into light and no heat is generated by the marquee sign.

Led marquee lights furthermore do not contain mercury which makes you marquee sign environmentally friendly. This is not only important to maintain the green image of many businesses but may also help the process of acquiring a permit for the installation of the marquee sign.

Marquee-letters and marquee lights can be used in stores or shopping malls and you can select small sizes of marquee-letters by that make it possible to use a marquee sign even in a small area. Marquee-letters are also used on outside wall of shops or can be displayed in windows. You can employ marquee lights wherever you wish to attract your customer´s attention and be sure to convey your message.

With marquee-letters you can advertise 24 hours for seven days a week and thus reach your customers with the promotion of special events or brand messages. Marquee-letters provides you with the potential to attract more new customers and generate more revenue. Start by getting a quote for the perfect marquee-letters according to your own needs and take your business to the next level with marquee lights by